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Copy Dentures

Copy dentures are a new set of dentures that are created using your existing set of dentures as a pattern. This procedure is used to produce a second set of identical dentures. Copy dentures are already tailored to the fit of the patient's mouth, and can be viewed almost like a spare set of glasses for your eyes.

Since there is no need to have castings of your mouth taken, copy dentures can be produced relatively quickly and often there is normally no need to have fittings carried out for this set.

Copy Dentures can be used to replace an older set of dentures. Since most dentures last between five and ten years, the copying technique can be used to replace your old set of dentures with a brand new set. As technology changes, copy dentures can serve to upgrade your current dentures to more modern materials. You can keep the size and fit of your current dentures, with a new sparkling set of modern dentures in less time, at less expense.


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