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Denture advice

For further denture advice please browse our FAQs below.

 How do I clean my dentures?

We recommend using a branded denture cleaner. To keep your dentures in the best condition you should clean them daily. To do this you should remove your denture after eating to rinse away any food particles which have gathered or have become trapped within the denture. At night time you should remove your denture and leave it to soak in denture solution. Before replacing your denture ensure it is rinsed thoroughly to avoid harming your mouth and gums with the cleaning solution.

 When should I remove my dentures?

If you have felt any discomfort whilst wearing your dentures it could be that you have some food trapped under them. You should remove your denture and rinse them to remove any food that could have been caught. This should easily resolve the issue. If you suffer further discomfort you should make an appointment with your CDT for them to review your dentures. It is recommended that your dentures are removed over night for a minimum period of 8 hours to allow your gums time to rest. This will also help avoid gum irritation and mouth infections.

 When you should I change my dentures?

Dentures over time may need to be adjusted due to changes which can occur in your mouth. In most cases these changes are perfectly natural and are normal due to aging. Your CDT is able to adjust your denture in order to make it fit more comfortably in the mouth. Although a quality pair of dentures is intended to last for approximately 5 to 10 years over time they can become worn and fragile. The shape of our mouths do change over time and so checking with your CDT on a regular basis that they fit comfortably is essential to ensuring that you avoid any unnecessary discomfort.

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