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Swiss Dentures

Swiss Dentures are a premium concept in dentures that take denture fitting to a new level. Swiss dentures not only use exceptional materials in their construction, but they take a detailed process in determining the precise, natural fit.

Swiss dentures are created in a unique manner that allows the denture to act just like natural teeth. The process works by studying how the jaw functions as a joint. Not everyone’s jaw joints function in exactly the same way. It is in part why some dentures may work well with one person but not quite as well with another. By studying the exact way an individual’s jaw joint functions, the dentures can be manufactured to reproduce the function of natural teeth.

Swiss dentures take into consideration that chewing is a function of not just of your teeth, but also the movement of your jaw. When these considerations are applied to creating a set of dentures, they greatly improve the end result with near perfect replacements for your natural teeth.

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